Why Apple Will Not Want Your iPhone to Be Repaired?


Why Apple Will Not Want Your iPhone to Be Repaired?
There might come a time in everyone’s life when they accidentally break their iPhone. What should you do then? Should you opt for repairing it or should you buy a new one? We don’t know about you but Apple definitely does not want you to repair your phone. One of the prime reasons behind this is money and marketing strategy. If your phone is broken and you are not allowed to opt for phone repair, you will definitely buy a new one which means more sales for Apple. But there are many other reasons as well. Read on to find out more about it.
Actual Reason Behind Apple Saying No to Phone Repair
Even when a customer approaches an Apple authorized repair centers, it would mean more revenue for Apple. But the reason behind Apple denying you to repair your phone altogether lies in the fact that phone repair services come with its own set of liabilities and hassles. There is a lot of money that goes out while dealing with repair centers and the ultimate revenue is not much. This is because these centers have to hire trained professionals. But there is a whole world of difference between training an already experienced person to someone who hasn’t fixed a single phone in their life. Inexperienced people will need more rigorous training to keep up with Apple’s standards and this will involve more investment. Owing to the unavailability of iPhone repair services from Apple, there is nothing for you to do if your iPhone gets damaged other than having to opt for an replacement. That too costs a considerable amount of money, especially if your warranty is over. Some people would rather prefer buying a new iPhone for that cost. The situation is the same in San Antonio, as well as the rest of the world. Looking for iPhone repair in San Antonio seems to be a much simpler solution is such cases.
The liability that comes with phone repair services is also huge. The repair of phones involves a variety of tools that can lead to accidents if not handled properly. Technicians will have to use objects with sharp and pointy edges and also work with lithium-ion batteries. If, by chance, anyone gets hurt, who will take the liability? This is also one of the major reasons that Apple asks you to get a new phone instead of repairing the old one. Moreover, while using third-party parts for repairs, technicians have to handle sensitive components of your phone. If something is not done in the right way, it might lead to explosions harming not only the technicians themselves but also sometimes the customers. This leads to a lot of bad reputation when expressed in media. Apple would definitely not want its company’s name to be blacklisted.
Why should you repair your iPhone from Alamo Cellphone ER?
Having to worry about buying a new iPhone just because it has broken or been damaged, can burn quite a hole in your pockets. An inexpensive solution to that would be opting for a iPhone repair solution. If you are looking for a smooth and efficient service experience while looking for iPhone repair in San Antonio, our services at iPhone Repair Guys, will prove to be hassle-free, precise and fast. All the obligations that Apple has put forward will not have to be dealt with if you avail our services. We train our professionals thoroughly so that they do not make any mistake with the repairing process. We also source our materials from reputed suppliers so that they do not cause any mishap after phone repair. You can confirm our quality of service through the various reviews that our past clientele has left us.
So, if you have a broken iPhone screen that needs repair, do not waste time thinking and contact us today. We can fix your phone like it was never broken and you do not have to invest in a new one.

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